2014 Summer Culture Camp Travel Scholarships

The Aleut Foundation is now accepting requests to attend the culture camps that will be held this summer in the Aleut region and the APIA camp in Anchorage.  All you need to do is send The Aleut Foundation a one-page letter stating which culture camp you want to attend and why you wish to attend that culture camp.  This is geared towards the young so they can learn about the Aleut culture and heritage.  The deadline to submit your request is May 15th.  Space is limited so please submit your request early.  Please call 907-646-1929 or email taf@thealeutfoundation.org if you have any questions or need more information.  

You can either fax 907-646-1949, email taf@thealeutfoundation.org or mail your request letter to:  The Aleut Foundation, 703 W. Tudor Road, Suite 102, Anchorage, Alaska  99503.