Available to all ages, for both shareholders and descendants, TAF provides travel scholarships to attend summer culture camps in the Aleut region and in Anchorage. The Aleut Foundation also awards scholarships to those interested in attending the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention or First Alaskans Institute’s Elders & Youth Conference.

Culture Camp Travel Scholarship

culturecampThe goal of The Aleut Foundation Cultural Camp Travel Scholarship Program is to advocate cultural awareness among all Aleuts by preserving our past to enlighten future generations. This Travel Scholarship will aid in this awareness by providing funds to eligible applicants for various cultural or educational enhancement activities.

Applicants will be considered eligible based on the following criteria:

  1. A shareholder of The Aleut Corporation (TAC).
  2. A descendant of a shareholder of TAC.*
  3. An Aleut or a descendant of an Aleut who is a beneficiary of the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Restitution Trust.*

*Note: Descendant is defined as the child, grandchild or great-grandchild.

Eligible candidates will be required to submit the following before and after their trip:

  1. Submit eligibility through the eligibility portal: click here 
  2. Application  (Once you are considered eligible, the link for the application will be available, you may request a paper application.)
  3. A letter of purpose stating which culture camp hey wish to attend and what they want to learn from the culture camp.
  4. After the person has completed the culture camp, they are required to provide a one page Trip Report. This report must briefly outline the trip and describe the accomplishments and learning experiences from the trip.

Application due date June 1st.