• Letter of Acceptance: An official letter from the school stating the student status and program enrolled in.
  • Letter of Recommendation: This is from an individual, other than family, that briefly details the relationship with student and other information they feel pertinent that will provide TAF with some insight into the student (study/work ethic, extra-curricular activities, school/community involvement/contributions, etc.).
  • Personal Statement: Must briefly detail the student’s goals and objectives and state the expected graduation date. Letter must be less than 500 words.
  • Class Schedule: Can be a copy from the student’s on-line school account or copy from the registrar’s office showing the total credits the student is enrolled in for that particular semester/quarter.
  • Official Transcripts: These transcripts must include:
    1. The student’s most recent grades;
    2. A cumulative GPA;
    3. An official school seal; and
    4. At least 20 credit hours (including attempted hours).

    If college credits are less than 20 credits, high school transcripts will be required. Official transcripts are in a sealed envelope or sent electronically from the school with a signed statement stating they are official transcripts. TAF will combine official transcripts to meet the 20 credit hour minimum when necessary.

  • Most Recent is defined as: for fall/spring annual applicants, official transcripts must include the prior spring semester if available. For spring applicants, the official transcript must include fall semester grades if available. For summer applicants, the official transcript must include the spring semester.

The official transcript deadline for fall/spring applicants will be the same as the application deadline. The spring and summer official transcript deadlines will be the same as the spring and summer application deadlines.

There may be exceptions here. If the student cannot provide official transcripts before the deadline, the student must explain in writing and turn in by the deadline. All reasons will be reviewed by the Executive Director. If it is determined that the student could have their official transcript to TAF in time for the deadline, the file will be marked late. These requirements are waived for vocational students because transcripts are not required.

For more information about our scholarships, check out our Guidelines and Information PDF.