Apply in just three easy steps!

  1. Create a profile* here so the system let’s you apply.
  2. Fill out application and upload documents; and
  3. Ensure you have all required documents.

*This may take up to three days

Step 1: Create a Profile

New students must create an online student profile at The profile will be approved by the TAF staff within three business days. The information will be verified by TAC Shareholder Records department before the profile is approved.

Step 2: Apply and Upload Documents

Once a profile is created, all the questions and steps on the online application must be answered and documents must be uploaded and will not be considered complete until the application is electronically signed. An email will be generated by the system telling the student their application is processing.

Step 3: Make Sure You Have All Required Documents

  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Two Letters of Recommendation (References cannot be relatives)
  • Personal Statement
  • Birth Certificate
  • Class Schedule –
    • There may be exceptions here. If you are unable to provide a class schedule by the deadline, you must submit the reasons why in writing before the application deadline, and when you plan to receive it. All reasons will be reviewed by TAF’s Executive Director. Award will not be issued until this document is received.
  • Official Transcript
    • Official transcripts must be mailed to TAF in a sealed envelope from the registrar’s office. TAF will also accept official transcripts sent electronically only from the school that can be emailed to [email protected]. TAF only requires this one time per application year.