NEW STUDENTS – Apply in just three easy steps!

  1. Create a profile in the portal so the system let’s you apply.
  2. Submit eligibility* info along with required documentation.
  3. Fill out Application and request letters of recommendation

*This may take up to three days

Step 1: Create a Profile

New students must create an online student profile in the portal.

Step 2: Submit Eligibility

Once a profile is created, you will move on to the Eligibility step. Prior to going through this step ensure you have your verification of Shareholder or Descendant status from The Aleut Corporation. For Shareholders you can log into your Aleut Corporation portal to get your verification:  For Descendants email to receive your verification. Once you submit your Eligibility form and documents, TAF staff will process your request once per business day. If it is received by 2pm Alaska Standard time, TAF will approve or decline your eligibility.

Step 3: Fill out Application and request Letters of Recommendation

Once you have filled out the application you will be required to upload the following 4 items. After you upload those documents you will mark your application ‘complete.’  From there you will request two letters of recommendation through the portal. These letters of recommendation must not come from any relative.

  • Acceptance Letter to an accredited school
  • Personal Statement
  • Class Schedule
    • There may be exceptions here. If you are unable to provide a class schedule by the deadline, you must submit the reasons why in writing before the application deadline, and when you plan to receive it. All reasons will be reviewed by TAF’s Executive Director. Award will not be issued until this document is received.
  • Official Transcript
    • You will be required to request from your school to be sent to you. You will then upload your official Transcript to the portal.

For more information about our scholarships, check out our Guidelines and Information PDF. We have also created an Instructions Guide to help our applicants navigate through our new portal.